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Nutritional and Functional Medicine

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Gesundheit und Fitness
Entwickler Sergio Frayre-Olivares

Nutritional and Functional Medicines custom application that allows you to track your results and follow your individually tailored program. It will increase your overall success in the program. All of this at the tip of your finger and any compatible mobile device.

Keeping track of your weight, detox, nutrition, fitness, supplements and life style changes is extremely easy!

Intuitive Design

The app is designed specifically for Nutritional and Functional Medicine clinic patients. The familiar lay out will enable patients to quickly familiarize themselves with it and use it on a daily basis.

Use the app on your phones or other mobile devices. Nutritional and Functional Medicine clinic uses an admin web-based page where they can tailor the program to your needs, keep record of your progress, and communicate with you directly.